It was clear from some of the discussions that the young people were surprised at some of the effects of SDIs from the photographs shown. For some of them it was quite shocking to the extent that one young girl said that she would not be indulging in sex.

The issue of abuse while drunk was raised. Some of the girls said they know other girls that are heavy drinkers.   A discussion was had on what has happened to some women and girls whilst they were drunk. Some of the girls said that their friends drink is because of family issues.

One girl said that her friends have sex because she is given gifts, phone credit, jewellery, trainers. However, most of the girls said that it is common place amongst their friends. Some of the girls said that it is something that friends do. They will give sex to the boys as long as they are getting gifts in return. This was discussed but will be raised at future sessions

The young people gave in-depth feedback on why we have sex and what attributes are important to them.