N'Devour was established in 2013 as a not-for-profit organisation to address gaps in provisions and services to local communities and their most vulnerable residents - for example our senior citizens. 

Prior to forming as a not-for-profit organisation in 2013 N’Devour’s community work had long been established.  N’Devour’s three Directors, previous to N’Devour’s inception, were dedicated to and already making a difference to the lives of others - young and old.

N’Devour was borne out of a passion to offer local communities a specific service that fits their needs, whatever those needs may be, including peer mentoring and provisions for the elder.


Youth and Community Work experience

N'Devour is the end result of the coming together of the three Directors who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in community and youth work.

They have worked with young and old in different environments and settings including youth clubs, schools, women’s refuges, youth offending teams, residential homes, church groups, and music projects amongst others.


Partnership work

In the past fifteen years N’Devour has worked in partnership with Elevated Aspirations Ltd® and Young N Gifted Ltd in a range of community projects that include: The Community E.M.B.R.A.C.E. Awards, sports events, community extravaganzas, and various Youth Service community events. The Directors have also worked with the Police, Social Services and other local community organisations to benefit local communities.


The Directors

N'Devour's management consists of three Directors and two Associate Directors, each Director brings with them their own set of skills, experience and expertise:


Paul Lemonius (Director)

Paul has the vision of giving back to the community in a way that encompasses everyone.

Paul New


Sylvia Martyr (Director)

Sylvia’s vision is to find a way where young and old can work and give to each other together. 



Steve Morris (Director)

Steve's vision is to find a way to use the skills he has learnt to develop others.




Associate Directors (non voting):

Tuaneri Akoto

Shaka Daanwi

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