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Young N Gifted was created and formed in 2009 by Shaka Daanwi and Alison Campbell.  It was the brain child of Shaka whom has over 25 years experience in the music industry.  

Young N Gifted work in partnership with Elevated Aspirations Ltd and Advent Community Association in addressing and meeting the needs of children, young people, and families - especially musical interests.

Over the course of a year several workshops and practices sessions are organised around the London Borough of Newham. These practice sessions or workshops take place in schools, youth centres or other educational establishments. 

Young N Gifted is an inclusive organisation and adheres to the values of equality, justice and fairness in all our endeavours with our members, partners, and the public.

Young N Gifted Choir 

Whole Choir

Young N Gifted members come from all corners of the London Borough of Newham.    We have young participants from almost every ward and Community Forum area.  

Similarly, we run workshops in many Community Forum areas around the borough ensuring that our services all accessible to all young people.   Workshops and practice sessions are run in wheelchair accessible buildings.

The choir boasts both male and female participants and is diverse in its make up of young people.  All young people are welcome to join regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, or religious belief.





 Young N Gifted members are taught to perform on grand stages as well as in local schools and youth centres. Programmes or practice sessions range from 6 to 10 weeks.  

Once members have reached a high level of ability, confidence, and courage the next stage of their development is to practice for solo performances.  

The picture above shows Umaymah doing a solo performance at the IYSS Achievement and Awards ceremony at Stratford Old Town Hall to a capacity audience of over 400 people.



Awards for effort and participation 

Individual Award

Young N Gifted & Elevated Aspirations Ltd recognise the participation and efforts young people make in the workshops and we value the contributions that young people make to the choir.

The efforts, participation and contributions made by young people is rewarded by Young N Gifted and Elevated Aspirations Ltd.

One way of rewarding Young N Gifted members is by way of a framed certificate.  This framed certificate is usually presented to them at a presentation ceremony come the end of a workshop or programme.  However, more times than not the presentation ceremony is at a community performance event.



'Sing 4 Peace' event

In 1999 Jeremy Gilley founded the Peace One Day  Foundation.  it is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to world peace.  The Peace One Day philosophy was adopted by the United Nations in the creation of a global ceasefire day on September 21st - Peace Day.

In order to contribute to this global ceasefire day Young N Gifted partnered with Advent Community Association, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and Elevated Aspirations Ltd to run workshops across Newham leading up to a Sing 4 Peace event held at Stratford Circus.  Funding was provided by the BBC Performing Arts Fund (obtained by Advent Community Association). 

Below is a video of Young N Gifted, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sir John Heron Primary School performing 'Spread the Love at the Sing 4 Peace event.  The song was written by the young people attending the workshops.


 Young N gifted performing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Sir John Heron Primary School.


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

London Philharmonic Orchestra

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ran several of the music workshops for Young N Gifted.  The workshops comprised of song writing, music composition, singing rehearsals and general preparation for the Sing 4 Peace event.

As can be seen in the above video Young N Gifted performed the workshop created song alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sir John Heron Primary School.



 Local support

  Support Councillors Nerious

The event was attended and supported by famous reggae artists and several of Newham's Councillors. Young N Gifted have been continuously supported by Councilor K. Scorseby and Nereus Joseph.

This level of community support by Councillors and reggae stars contributes to Young N Gifted members feeling that the work they do and the contributions that they make are of value to themselves and the communities in which they live.



 Reggae queens' support

 (from left to right Alison Campbell, Aysha Loren, Janet Kay, and Carol Thompson)

Reggae Stars

The Young N Gifted Choir were joined on stage and performed with reggae singing queens of Lovers' Rock Aysha Loren, Janet Kay and Carol Thompson.

For the members of Young N Gifted it was an awe inspiring moment.  For the parents of the Young N Gifted members that performed on stage alongside the reggae greats it was a moment of pride.



Thanks to Young N Gifted staff

Young N Gifted could not have gone so far, so soon without the help and support of Anita Chandel, Adrain McKenzie, Rueanne Duncan-Jones, Natalie Green, and Tuaneri Akoto.

Thanks to all participating schools

Young N Gifted Ltd and Elevated Aspirations Ltd would like to thank all Newham participating schools for their good will, contributions and commitment to the Sing 4 Peace workshops and the Sing 4 Peace community event.


Schools Participated