Hi everyone,  for sometime now I have been writing Love Letters and making Valentines Cards for friends and family to give to their partners.  Here are a few of them:



Introduction (click here)

Dear Ashanti (click here)  

Dear Crystal (click here)

Dear Brianna (click here)

Dear Clare (click here)

Dear Tivoli (click here)   

Dear Sarah (click here)      

Dear Tonya (click here)

Dear Kylyn (click here)       

Dear Elaine (click here)

Dear SweetHeart (click here)



Please note that I have drawn inspiration from personal experience and from other love letters, poems, and messages on the Internet.  


The Love Letters are copyright of Elevated Aspirations Ltd and authorisation is required for use or reprinting of them.


The pictures used are free from the Internet and the names of the models are fictitious.


The best browsers to view the letters with are Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  With Firefox you have to Click on the text to enlarge it.  Please use the scroll bars to the right of the text to see the full Love Letters' text.  Internet Explorer does not display the pictures or text correctly.








No Love Letter may be reproduced in part or whole without the written consent of Elevated Aspirations Ltd ®